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PFAHA, The Partnership For A Healthy America is a non-profit, non-political,
non-denominational Life Science Foundation, advocating wellness for all.
A community, of
inspired partners, of the concerned, informed, and willing, through
determined effort, bring the empowering message of wellness to every American resident,
including every  physician, caregiver, and institution interested in joining our efforts.

Welcome Friends and Fellow Wellness Enthusiasts!
Our Defining Moment! Let us spread the good news!
Plot the sad points! Time for Talk is Over! Action is Required!

America has no Wellness Vision!
Partner and Join our Great Historic Cause! Get informed, engaged, and involved
Partnering and building a coalition of Informed Wellness Partners

The ONLY way to truly bring down Healthcare costs is to Reduce Demand for Healthcare

Diagnosis: America is not well - Degenerative Disease and Pain are at Pandemic Stage
The Current Paradigm is Failing Dismally
Rx: Delos Wellness Vision

The Grandmaster Formula for Wellness Success - "Wellness Algorithms"
The Delos Wellness Plan
The Delos Wellness Plan - Bringing Forth "The Defining Wellness Formula"
This Plan injects "Wellness Leadership" - bringing wellness to the world stage!
or the benefit of all Americans & beyond!

Our Duty: Let us not turn our back on those who have not had the privilege of finding the real truth. Wise diet
choice is the single most important consideration affecting our future health. Let us organize, or "partner"
and share our vast gifts and treasures to all, by bringing forth the message of Wellness to every American.

Delos Wellness Vision -  Solid Knowledge-Based Programs
Courses, Events, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, & Conventions
On Line Courses and Inspiring Live Events

The Delos Wellness Plan - a "Full Spectrum Approach"

Fundamentals of Delos Wellness

1) Ideological Science - "Old School" Wellness - The body is a miraculous self healer

2) Nutrition Science - Nutrient Rich Food Choice Life Style - Nutrition defeats medicine

3) Myofascial Science - Myofascial Science - The "Missing Link" Bodywork elevated exponentially

4) Genetic, Epigenetic, Stem Cell, Telomere Science - Future of Research

The new game in town: Full Spectrum Approach
The Delos Strategic Wellness Initiative - The End of Disease
The Discover Muscular Health Initiative - Revolutionary Breakthrough
A "Strategy" to become a well human being
The "End of Disease" starts with Wellness

PFAHA - Your Caring Friends Meeting Place for
True Wellness Research, Answers, and Practical Proven Solutions

America has no wellness vision. It is our intent to create a vision of the transformed
“well” world, which is so compelling that our citizens care and share the good news,
and cooperate in a manner never before imagined. If we all care, if we all share, if we all come
together, there is nothing we cannot take on. This is the true vision of American exceptionalism.

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To make individuals healthier and achieve wellness, PFAHA advocates a "Convergence" of Ideological models.
Emphasis is on the Wellness model, as opposed to the holistic model or the conventional medical model.

Partnering with Holistic and Alternative Minded Physicians and Researchers

Kenny J Owens - Wellness Pioneer

Kenny's Personal Hotline 832- 206- 0206

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