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The Speed of The Leader is the Speed of the Team
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Successful people think very differently.
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Kenny J Owens Innovation Pioneer is also
Kenny J Owens Wellness Pioneer  -  the "Steve Jobs of  Wellness"
Let Kenny inspire you and invite you to "Partner in Achieving Wellness"
You can count on Kenny to deliver honest reliable solutions.

What is The Next Big Revolutionary Breakthrough
to change the course of Human History

A Wellness Revolution!  Be who you were meant to BE!
A Well Human Being! Enjoy glorious, radiant, joyous health!

The day, our day of reckoning is coming. We are committing dietary blunders without number,
and know not the dire and profound consequences we face. We must someday alter the our
own course as well as the course of society or we will suffer a monetary collapse as a Country.

Use common sense, we have trashed our multi trillion dollar bodies to a disgraceful and shameful degree!

We are what we eat and we have fed ourselves into a diseased state and now we must learn how to become well.

Well people do not need "healthcare" and people who undertake a wellness makeover do not need as much healthcare,
and better still realize their own health really is largely in their own hands and they then share the knowledge to others
who also wonder why they have so many problems that can't seem to be solved!.

You truly are a Programmable Creation Machine!
If you can dream it and can believe it - you can achieve it! Only with proper understanding only!

You can be a Well Human Being!
You can be a Successful Human Being!

We must pursue The Science of Personal Lucidity, come out of denial, leave off indifference and wake up to a higher purpose.
We must pursue The Science of Personal Wellness by getting informed and getting involved.
We must pursue The Science of Personal Achievement by gaining personal responsibility. Healthcare is Self-care!

Outlined in "The Delos Strategic Wellness Initiative" - The End of Disease
by applying the "The Delos Wellness Makeover"
Through The Delos Wellness Plan
Step-by-step, stage-by-stage Kenny outlines easy plans for whatever
speed you want to go to rebuild your health

We must disconnect from the mind and the "Light of Reason" daily to develop
"Light of Consciousness" - Lucidy  with a Higher Angle of  Vision

The Kenny Owens Basic Keys to SUCCESS

Step 1
Define Your Vision - Train Yourself

Step 2
Clarify Your Vision - Detail Plan on Paper
Analyze your Life Algorythm - Elements of Success

Step 3
Empower and Water Your Vision
Tweek your Life Algorythm - Better Yourself
Untweek your Life Anti-Algorythm ElementsStep 4
Inoculate yourself from Failure Disease - Stop the Blunders!

Murphy's Law-itis

Step 5
Tweak your Life Algorithm
through raising the Angle of Vision until Vision is clear.

Step 6
Actualize into existence

Step 7
Gratitude and Humility

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