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Coming Winter 2016 - Kenny's First Books


Delos Myofascial Science - The Crown Jewel Missing Link        
Delos Muscular Health Science - World Leader in Myofascial Science. Myofascial tightness is the most overlooked consideration affecting the life and health of all human beings. From birth defects that develop during the embryonic stages, to the enormous forces the muscles place on the joints, organs, glands, and blood vessels to severely diminish them, to the renal, pulmonary, or cardiac failure at the end of life, the mystery is finally revealed on the true forces at work unseen and unknown to mankind.

500 years from now human beings will marvel to note that we put a man on the moon before we figured out that muscles are at the root of so many numerous difficulties and vital health issues.

Delos Wellness Science - The End of Disease - A Doctor-Patient Handbook
America is heading in an unhealthy direction because America has no Wellness Vision!

Introducing: The Delos Wellness Vision. a distinction of wellness as opposed to treating symptoms via holistic or medical approaches.

Learn from the old-school Wellness Advocates how the human body is a miraculous self healer and insights on how to remove the cause of your disease, in a handbook form to give to your doctor to introduce him to the course that was left out of medical school on how to achieve lasting vibrant and radiant wellness.

Suffering from poor health, Kenny Owens spent 47 years zealously studying wellness, holistic, alternative, integrative, and medical approaches to actually achieve a medicine free, disease free, surgery free, lifelong vigorous health and lasting vibrant wellness! Kenny has proven through example that unquestionably, wise diet choice is the genuine path to radiant well-being.


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