Partnering with Wellness Physicians, Caregivers and Researchers
To bring Wellness to the world stage, for the benefit of all Americans

The Owens Family Trio - A father-son, and a brother-sister team

Founders:  -  Founded Website November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)

Kenny J Owens -
Wellness Pioneer
Visionary - Healer - Inventor - Author - Lecturer - Motivator - Inspiring Leader

"Dr" Eric Owens - 4th Year Medical School Student
Inspiring Athlete, Student, & Citizen - Physician of The Future

Donna Owens - (Donna Adam) Registered Nurse (retired)
Inspiring Caregiver & Mother - Experienced Holistic and Alternative minded Nurse

Merging the Wellness Model with Holistic Physicians and Researchers
Advocating the Wellness model for the upliftment of Americas health.
Additionally, to certify and create a "WellnessMD" curriculum.

Kenny Owens - Founder 1985 - America has no Wellness Vision
Kenny Owens was born in 1946 in Dallas and lived in North Dallas with his mom, dad and two little sisters. Young Kenny would watch his relatives on his mothers side the family, starting to die of cancer, heart disease and observed rampant awful crippling arthritis.

Kenny showed early on, he had a keen sense of how things work. His childhood heroes were Einstein, da Vinci, Galileo and Edison and he speaks of dreaming up many inventions himself, which, through the course of time, he observed that many of his ideas were actually produced by somebody else who had the vision, insight, and resources ahead of their time and they got there before he did. He did not have the ability to bring things into "existence". When he was 14 he read his dads copy of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. It changed his entire thought process and how he viewed things. A person really can do, be and have anything he wants.

Martin Luther King made profound influence on young Kenny. Often quoting MLK, "If a man be a street-sweeper, he shall be such a great street-sweeper, all the host of Heaven and earth stand, even God Our Father shall applaud what a lovely street-sweeper he was! And to judge a man by his character!

Foolishly, in his youth, he suffered great personal tragedy by pursuing what he later would call a "shameful downward direction" and worse still, he shamefully led many other unsuspecting souls downward as well. It was only the man upstairs who kept him here, to right the wrongs, and share and teach others the lessons he had learned and share the vast gifts entrusted to him.
After turning his life around he was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King and Napoleon Hill. Their passion, the Vision, their Love, their inspiration moved him.

Kenny had a vast technical career, having had been an Digital circuit designer, Electronics Technician, Electrician, Instrument Technician, Analytical System Technician, Communications Technician, Satellite Technician, Computer & Network System Designer and Programmer, Senior Designer & Project Engineer.
For relaxation he meditated, flew, having 2 airplanes, raced motocross and played table tennis.

He went to Moscow with one of his mentors, Werner Erhard to put on the 1st Forum (EST training) which helped bring down communism.

Kenny has worked with Evander Holyfield, Carl, Carol and Evelyn Lewis, Hakeem Alijawon, Rudy Tomjanavich, Warren Moon, Fred Couples, Mary Lou Retton, Roger Clements, Frank Tate and tens of thousands of others. Additionally the Houston Oilers, Houston Rockets, and Houston Ballet.

Lately he has turned his attention to working with the homeless and needy, and pursuing a literary and speaking career. Spending years working on numerous Manuscripts of The Delos Report, The Delos Octology, The Delos Plan, The Delos Agenda and Delos Strategic Wellness Initiative . His lengthy successful career as an inventor, visionary, inspiring motivator and wellness pioneer has spanned 43+ years with excess of 100,000+ NMT treatments, Kenny will be remembered as the "Father of Muscular Health" and "Myofascial Science",

Kenny is the conceiving founder of the Partnership for a Healthy America. Founded in 1985, due to twists and turns of life the project never matured.

Kenny has a vast portfolio of "shovel ready" projects, enterprises, and initiatives. He has vast catalog of speeches, lectures, workshops, seminar, events, conferences, cruises, and conventions, numerous inventions, with well over 200 registered  domains, and growing rapidly, constantly working on 40+ web sites to expedite bringing about the structure, the mechanism for accomplishment, and getting these programs into existence!

Wellness Experience? Kenny Studying the best of the best, in the 20th and 21st century.  He drank in excess of a gallon of vegetable juice per day for decades, and for over 15 years, he ate over 90%+ raw foods. Kenny consumed 28 oz of fresh wheat-grass juice per day, for over 3 years. He rejuvenated his body in a remarkable manner.

Conquering many symptoms and problems with this protocol, he gained confidence and then realized the real truth, what he thought could never be resolved, could be resolved through living a life of wellness, and actually was far better than treating symptoms with medicine or holistic approaches.

Kenny has the experience, know-how, temperament, passion and zeal to inject leadership into the healthcare debate.

Donna Adam Owens
, Kenny's sister
After becoming a registered nurse, Donna became disillusioned in the bureaucracy and the way medicine actually worked.

Reconsidering her options. She became a "holistic nurse" taking to supplements and organic foods and studying herbs, and holistic remedies.

Donna became interested mainly as preventative, to boost her immune system and live a healthy lifestyle. 
Surprisingly, getting cancer and then using the traditional medicinal approach, the cancer was gone and things seem settled. 
Then to Donna's horror, in 2010, the cancer came back, metastasizing to other areas.

This time, after studying the holistic approaches, she was determined to use these holistic and alternative means to fight back. 
After not seeking any medical intervention, her condition weakened gradually until she thought it was her end.
She then made the fateful call to tell her brother Kenny goodbye.

Kenny was stunned, and told her "not to give up," instead "fight back" and he told her she had tried the medical approach,
she tried the alternative approach, and now she's ready for the wellness approach!
He told her, as your brother, he insist you listen to him for once and don't be stubborn.

Your life depends upon it.  She will now tell you she went from test to testimony, from 89 pounds to 101 pounds, from stage 4, to a full and longer life.

Eric Owens, Kenny's son - 
Eric grew up recognizing the truths of wellness and vital importance of dietary choices in determining our future states of health and fitness.  Kenny made it very obvious how these things worked.

Kenny taught his son (U.S. National Champion in Table Tennis and after his 4th year Med School (D.O.) in Chicago at Midwestern University currently has 3 DelosTherapy clinics) to count to one quadrillion and ride a bicycle when he was 3 years old, race motocross when he was 5. Under Kenny's coaching, he ran a 4:06 marathon after his 9th birthday, and a 5:39 mile (9th at TAC Nationals), a 17:59 5K. He won the National 9 year old Ironkids Triathlon Championships, he won the U.S. Table Tennis under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and under 22 National Jr titles, won U.S. Men's National Singles & Doubles, North American Doubles, Pan American Games Gold, got a College Scholarship and won the National Collegiate singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team all 4 years. Getting his Biology degree with a minor in math and a minor in science, he took 21 hours graduating  Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society, won Chemistry Student of the year, Pre-Med Student of the year, Student-Athlete Student of the year, University Student of the year, and the Special Civic-Academic-Athletic Achievement Award of the year and got his Masters in Biomedical science. and now in 4th year of med school.

Eric, after numerous discussions with his dad about how to bring wellness forward, became convinced of the only way forward, must come from the inside, inside the medical schools.

Kenny gave Eric his blessing, by saying "go for it." Secretly, Kenny doubts if that will make any difference at all, giving rise to a friendly dispute and rivalry, to see who gets to "Berlin" first!
Eric the medical approach. Kenny, the ill American public.

So now Eric is in the fourth year of medical school and has his own 3 clinics where he treats all types of conditions that the medical community has little answer for.

This qualifies us as representing the medical model, the holistic model, and the wellness model as a convergence of technology to usher forth, a future, not yet imagined.