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Living a life for Wellness! Pre-Launch Events!
Body - Mind - Spirit Upliftment Events
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Introduction to Becoming "Well": Delos Wellness Science 101
Wellness Makeover
- 1 day workshop coming soon
"The Makeover" Full Spectrum Assessment & Renewal

Introduction to Becoming Lean: Delos Science of Skinny 101
Wellness Makeover
for Skinny Living - 1 day workshop coming soon
"The Skinny Makeover" Full Spectrum Assessment & Renewal

Introduction to Successful Living with "Life Science": Delos Life Science 101
Life Makeover
- 3 day boot-camp style workshop coming soon
"The Transformation" and "Life Algorithms"  start to live a life of increasing fulfillment

Introduction to Successful Living with "Thoughtful Life Science": Delos Life Science 201
Life Makeover
- 1 day workshop coming soon
"The Illumination" - Wellness of Heart to live a life of  inspiring wonder


PFAHA uses living a life of wellness, for true living. We use holistic and state-of-the-art medical treatment only for relief in symptoms.
Take a look at our unique hybrid system, Knowledge Based,  "The All Around Approach" to achieving optimal health and vitality.

Collaborating with well known Holistic, Alternative, and Advanced Medicine Doctors to obtain "The Gems & Jewels" of the Holistic and
Alternative World and Create the "Wellness MD Curriculum" to Certify a Delos WellnessMD. Partnering with Doctors, one Doctor at a time!
Contact us to forever change the face of healthcare.

Caring WellnessMD's creating a curriculum to re-train Physicians to become True Healers, who guide us all to a healthier lifestyle.
Doctors who finally "Walk the Talk"
We must "Ignite a Sense of Urgency" to including wellness in the healthcare reform debate.

We propose a "Mastermind Alliance" utilizing a Convergence of Wellness and Medical Technologies
and A Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Dr. Martin Luther King, "Hybrid" Approach to Achieving Personal
Wellness, curing Social Ills, and Restoring Economic Prosperity.

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SENIORS:  and Youth NOT Wanting to get Old:  Learn about "The Delos Wellness Makeover"

The Delos Wellness Plan


World Class Bodywork - Wellness Solutions for Mankind
World Class Athletic, Fitness, Conditioning, and Training Programs
Rehabilitation, Nursing, and Hospice Programs like no other!
Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autistic, Mentally Challenged, Superstitious
Truly Life Changing, Inspiring, Transforming, & Motivating

COMING SOON! - "The Delos Octology"  -  Kenny's First Book series

Coning soon: American Wellness Crusade - Introducing: Discover Muscular Health Initiative

Introducing:  "Join the Wellness World" by Kenny J Owens